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About Us

Weavers has been practising as Chartered Accountants in Coventry for over 50 years providing an excellent and continuous service to all clients in all forms of business from sole traders to large companies. There are even one or two companies that have been with us since the beginning although they have, like us, moved with the times and have transferred through the generations.

We pride ourselves in providing a first class personal service to our clients. We do not have a fixed approach to how we assist our clients, but tailor our services to their specific needs ensuring that they receive, at all times, relevant, accurate and professional advice. This can range from occasional accounting support to full day–to–day involvement in our client’s businesses in which we manage their whole accounting function.

As your Accountants, we would tailor our services to your specific business requirements. We manage many compliance matters for you, taking a lot of the strain caused by the continual burden of compliance off your shoulders. We can advise you on financial strategies for developing your business and thus we enable you to do that at which you are best engaged – running your business.

We are an independent firm of Chartered Accountants and Business Advisors, based in Coventry, providing a range of audit and accountancy services, tax planning and compliance for Companies and individuals. We also offer IHT planning, VAT planning and general business advice.

We have a busy payroll and bookkeeping bureau which enables clients to outsource these services either on a permanent basis or on a short term basis where staff are ill or on leave.

We offer a proactive service to our clients to address problems before they arise and thus smooth the way forward for the future.

To arrange a meeting to see how we can help you please contact Ted Buckworth at 024 7622 7755.

Our Ethos

We believe in combining an informal personal approach with reliable professional advice.

We aim to make you relax and enjoy your meetings with us, seeing them as opportunities to better understand the financial aspects of your business.

We aim to enable you to apply our accounting and tax experience to your business to improve your profitability, efficiency and ensure that you stay compliant with the many complex accounting and tax regulations. We provide common–sense, practical solutions to your problems and we encourage clients to consult us at the start of new projects to ensure that the best tax and financial advice is in place before irrevocable decisions are taken.

Our aim is to improve the running of your business and our close association with your activities helps you to have more time to manage the business instead of attending to compliance issues.

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We’re a dedicated team which strives to provide success to our clients in regards to all their accountancy needs.

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